What principals LOVE to see in a classroom

This post is by Sherrell Coleman, an educational administrator. She holds a masters in public administration.

As an educational administrator in the K-12 arena, the classroom is home to 80% of my day. It is the very environment where my skills and abilities to coach, mentor and hone in on my expertise “of great teaching” comes to life. 

I find that the classroom possibilities — what is actually revealed – are endless.  Gone are the days of the traditional chalk board, textbook “sit & get” from direct teaching models.

As a principal, I love to see student engagement.  This comes in many forms, such as: peer teaching, student led discussions, multi-modal activities, hands-on opportunities and technology integration.  Principals today are seeking creativity and inspiration.  We value the teachers’ interaction and rapport with the students.  This will enable them to build lasting relationships.

Students must feel comfortable in their learning environment. Moreover, they should be free to spark inquiry and participation.  Seek out and explore various ways of connecting the dots and make magic in the classroom.

As an educator, I received early success that gave my career immediate momentum. It eventually led me to serve teachers in New Orleans, La., Laredo and San Antonio, TX to developed some highly influential and successful classrooms!

My advice to teachers everywhere:
Never lose focus of your motivation for teaching.

This will forever be the genesis of your career.  It does not matter the grade level, subject, curriculum, or setting.  When you reflect on what led you to enter the teaching field, you will re-energize your inspiration and create rewarding experiences for students.

Teachers are an eclectic group of artists that deserve lots of admiration. It is the one profession, where decisions are made every second; the shaping and molding of minds to be put on a path to the future.  The end result is very satisfying. The wonderful works of art you create are successful students!

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